Safelists Agent Pro – Email Safelists Script

Safelists Agent Pro – Email Safelists Script

SafelistsAgentPro-e1382955695737The ultimate advertising system: multi safelists management, ads rotators and redirector tracking. Client areas for 3 types of members (subscribers, owners, advertisers) and also admin area. Owners can create unlimited number of safelists, email to their safelists, set membership type for each subscriber (free, silver, gold, platinum – different number of days to wait before emailing to the safelist), upload ads (images/html), edit templates for each safelist. Mass email pear libraries.

See more at: Scripts Outlet – Safelists Agent PRO

Minimum costs:
Startup : 30$ for software,.
Maintenance : $5/month regular shared php&mysql hosting; $10/year domain.

Coupon Site Script like Retailmenot

Coupon Site Script like Retailmenot

Coupon Site Script is a php script to build a turnkey coupon website that generates income trough affiliate programs.

What is this website model and why the coupon market is up to 3.5 billion $ / year?

indexhome HomeFirst what is affiliate marketing?
A company that runs an affiliate program will pay everyone that brings a customer that buys from that company. So if you get a client fro them you get a share from the profit.

But affiliate marketing is been for a while on the net and the competition is also there.

What are coupons / deals / offers?
This are products that a company sells at a special price. I’ll point only one reason: it wants to get a lot of sales as fast as possible. By lowering the price the company increases the chance to achieve the goal.

Are there clients that look for coupons?
Wouldn’t you buy the same product for less money? I would say that you would buy it.
So not only that there are a lot of people searching … but a lot that use coupons/deals/offers. That is why the market reaches 3.5 billion $/ year.

Let make a small conclusion:
The coupon script will get you into a relative new market ( less competition here ) where people have the money and want to buy.
So no talking, convincing for you to do! Your job is only to count the checks that keep coming and coming your bank!

I like this but, you may ask, why this coupon script?
The powers of the script is in the plugins.
Normally you would expect to work in order to get money.
Sorry not with this script!

Let spell it one more time to be clear: with this script not only that you will make money but also MAKE MONEY with almost no work.
I said almost cause you can complain that you work 2 minutes / day to make 2000$ month.
Who can argue that 2 minutes is not work?!

What will happen the rest of the time?
Well the work will be done by the machines … the checks will come to your bank account … so you would do … whatever you want to do you are in the situation:
I have time and money!

Can you start right NOW? Only if:

1. You get a domain name from Godaddy.
2. You get hosting from Midphase.
3. Buy at least the basic Coupon Script.

Minimum cost of the investment:
Basic script – 49$ – life time license
Maintenance: 50$/year – hosting + 10$/year domain name.

So when are you going to tell all your friends:
“…work is done by the machines … the income is coming to my bank account … so I do what I want” ?

Social Live Streaming like Justin.Tv

Social Live Streaming like Justin.Tv

This project combines some open source projects and commercial plugins that can be downloaded and used in trial mode to start a social live streaming site. This project can be setup for free if  compatible hosting is available.

Site pages and member management is based on WordPress & BuddyPress and live streaming on VideoWhisper.

All groups have a Live Stream tab where users can watch live video and chat realtime. Admins can broadcast anytime from Admin > Live Streaming.

Also groups have a Video Conference tab to the group, where users can video chat realtime in group room.


VideoChat Scripts

Download & Install

If CPanel with Fantastico is available web based installation should be easy and automated (install wordpress from Fantastico then look for the other plugins and install these from wordpress admin).

VideoWhisper provides managed turnkey RTMP hosting for the VideoWhisper plugins.


To start this in full production mode you would need a one time $250 VideoWhisper level1 lifetime license and $100/month Stream Startup Wowza Media Server hosting plan.

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