Safelists Agent Pro – Email Safelists Script

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Coupon Site Script like Retailmenot

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Coupon Site Script is a php script to build a turnkey coupon website that generates income trough affiliate programs.

What is this website model and why the coupon market is up to 3.5 billion $ / year?

indexhome HomeFirst what is affiliate marketing?
A company that runs an affiliate program will pay everyone that brings a customer that buys from that company. So if you get a client fro them you get a share from the profit.

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2. You get hosting from Midphase.
3. Buy at least the basic Coupon Script.

Minimum cost of the investment:
Basic script – 49$ – life time license
[object Window]: 50$/year – [object Window] + 10$/year domain name.

So when are you going to tell all your friends:
“…work is done by the machinesthe income is coming to my bank accountso I do what I want” ?

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Social Live Streaming like Justin.Tv

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