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Start your own Expert Consultation website platform where unlimited consultants / experts / teachers / advisors / personal trainers can offer their knowledge and services in pay per minute videochat callspaid videos and downloads.

AJAX Listing of live performers: cost per minute, description, ratings. Sort by categories, search by tags.
AJAX Listing of live performers: cost per minute, description, ratings. Sort by categories, search by tags.

Key Turnkey Consultant Videocall Site Features

  • host 1 or unlimited expert consultants, as needed
  • live expert list (ajax browsing, search, live updaes without page reload)
  • free pre-sale chat room with expert live video stream
  • pay per minute private 2 way videochat call, on client request
  • pay per minute group consultations / classes with live streaming, text chat
  • consultation/collaboration mode with file sharing, presenting streams and documents
  • tips / gifts to consultant during free & paid sessions
  • Customizable categories. Examples:
    • Professional Advice (Legal, Financial, Taxes, Health)
    • Life Coaching (Career, Relationships, Motivation, Fitness, Nutrition)
    • Skill Building (Productivity, Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking, Leadership, Selling)
    • Marketing (Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Public Relations, Branding)
    • Spiritual Beliefs (Psychic Reading, Clairvoyance, Tarot and Cards, Numerology, Astrology)
  • customizable user roles (ex: consultant/client)
  • customizable cost per minute (editable by admin or each consultant), commission ratio
  • customizable group modes (free, paid)
  • profile, videos, pictures for each webcam room profile
  • performer administrative records, approval
  • multiple billing options with MyCred and TeraWallet for WooCommerce
  • html5 videochat interface (works on iOS Safari, Android Chrome and all PC browsers, without Flash)
  • sell videos, pictures, documents with Paid Membership, Content, Downloads plugin
HTML5 private 2 way webcam video call. Pay per minute.
HTML5 private 2 way webcam video call. Pay per minute.

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Start Your Expert Consultant Business Now

Turnkey bundles include website software, complete hosting with streaming servers and installation from $99/month.


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PPV Videochat Cams Script

PPV Videochat Cams Script

Build a turnkey pay per view (PPV) video chat site: This software/script solution can be used to build both non adult and adult pay per minute (PPM) videochat sites as it’s highly customisable and easy to use.

Project Homepage: Paid Videochat – PPV Script

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Video Girls BiZ PPV Videochat Script

VideoGirls BiZ PPV Videochat Script

Video Girls BiZ was designed to power a pay per view video chat business being inspired from most successful PPV sites online. Most of these websites use custom software that took thousands of dollars and several months of development, testing and fine tuning.

This is a turnkey stand alone script. There is also a WordPress PPV Live Webcams alternative using the popular framework.

How does an online pay per view / pay per minute video chat business work?

This software powers an online, almost automated business where 2 types of users (performers and paying members) are assisted in providing and receiving online services.
Performers join to earn money. They turn on their webcams and hang out in public or hosted rooms waiting for members.
Paying members invite performers to private video chat sessions and pay per minute.
The website receives an important customizable share of all earnings and deposits member funds stored as credits.

The idea of the software is simple: Performers offer private video chat shows to site members and the website owner gets a good share of the income.

Main features

  • 100% flash web based videochat (no downloads or java required)
  • pay per view private chat (members are charged per minute)
  • performer control panel with settings and statistics
  • custom performer categories, profile questions for each profile type
  • multiple administrators, performer id verification
  • video recordings and live video on user profile
  • multiple templates
  • multiple processors supported like paypal, paysite-cash and custom ones can be added


VideoGirls BiZ Official Pages

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