Script for Live Broadcasting

How to build a site like Twitch, Hitbox, Livestream, JustinTv, UStream, YouNow that can also be used with a mobile app like Meerkat, Periscope ?


This article shows how to quickly setup a live video streaming and sharing website, listing features that can be implemented and exact turnkey solutions to build.

There’s also a dedicated project site: Broadcast Live Video Software .

– Channels
A Channel Page (with archived and uploaded videos)
Broadcast Page (requires registration)


Find on this page : Key Features, Requirements and Components, Quick Start.

wpls-l-manageKey Features

  • broadcast live video with included web clients (easiest)
  • broadcast with external apps to dedicated rtmp address (similar to,
    (Wirecast, Flash Media Live Encoder, Open Broadcaster Software, iOS GoCoder app ..)
  • broadcast with dedicated iPhone / iPad application (optional – custom)
  • broadcast with dedicated Android application (optional – custom)
  • re-stream IP Camera stream (RTSP, RTMP, RTMPS ..)
  • show live channels first (no matter how these are broadcast)
  • watch video and chat / just video
  • iOS support and automated detection
    (video shows as HLS HTML5 on iOS)
  • support transcoding of web broadcasts to iOS format
  • paid channels support with myCRED plugin
  • channel video archive playlist
  • import past broadcasts to channel playlist
  • upload new videos to channel playlist
  • channel management
    • channel comments (can be toggled by channel owner)
    • channel access price (if enabled, can be set by channel owner)
    • channel access list (if enabled, can be setup by channel owner)
  • custom ads in chat
  • user management, premium membership with Paypal subscription
    (removes ads, floating logo, allows web transcoding)
  • html5 video uploader:

    • multi file
    • ajax
    • progress bar
    • fallback support
    • iOS6+ / Android 3+ support

Project Requirements

Quick Start

To get most of this setup by VideoWhisper, you can order:

Each order includes one free installation, if compatible hosting is available.
After ordering the 2 items above (full mode license and compatible hosting) submit a ticket with VideoWhisper to install and configure:

  • WordPress
  • Live Streaming plugin
  • Video Share VOD plugin

Then you can start customising and/or add other plugins and features.

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