RealLifeCam Site Script

RealLifeCam Site Script

To build a site like RealLifeCam, Voyeur-Villa, LaMaisonDuSexe, WatchMe247  you can use the BroadcastLiveVideo solution that provides these features:

  • broadcast multiple IP camera channels 24/7
  • broadcast occasional shows from webcam and chat with viewers
  • setup both free and paid channels (by membership or pay per channel)
  • list channels, organised by category
  • viewers can discuss in text chat and send tips
  • archive and publish previous broadcast videos selectively

For such project you can’t use plain ppv videochat scripts because these work only with webcams (connected to performer’s computer) and require performer interaction on paid shows. You need a special solution that works with IP cameras, broadcasting 24/7 without performer presence and interaction from computer. Read more

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Social Live Streaming like Justin.Tv

Social Live Streaming like Justin.Tv

This project combines some open source projects and commercial plugins that can be downloaded and used in trial mode to start a social live streaming site. This project can be setup for free if  compatible hosting is available.

Site pages and member management is based on WordPress & BuddyPress and live streaming on VideoWhisper.

All groups have a Live Stream tab where users can watch live video and chat realtime. Admins can broadcast anytime from Admin > Live Streaming.

Also groups have a Video Conference tab to the group, where users can video chat realtime in group room.


VideoChat Scripts

Download & Install

If CPanel with Fantastico is available web based installation should be easy and automated (install wordpress from Fantastico then look for the other plugins and install these from wordpress admin).

VideoWhisper provides managed turnkey RTMP hosting for the VideoWhisper plugins.


To start this in full production mode you would need a one time $250 VideoWhisper level1 lifetime license and $100/month Stream Startup Wowza Media Server hosting plan.

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