Video Calls Site Script

Video Calls Site Script

2wvc3_371x275-300x222Build a site where users can setup live video calling rooms and share link with their friends for private 1 on 1 video calls.


2 Way Video Chat

How to Build Project / Costs

Alternative / Clone Script

With this setup you can build a project with features similar to Facebook Video Chat, Google Hangouts, Gruveo, Magnocall,, FriendCaller, .

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PPV Videochat Cams Script

PPV Videochat Cams Script

Build a turnkey pay per view (PPV) video chat site: This software/script solution can be used to build both non adult and adult pay per minute (PPM) videochat sites as it’s highly customisable and easy to use.

Project Homepage: Paid Videochat – PPV Script

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TinyChat Alternative

Social Video Conference and Chat like TinyChat

This project is based on Elgg (an open source social networking engine) and VideoWhisper Video Conference, Live Streaming2 Way Video Chat, Video Consultation plugins.


TinyChat Alternative
TinyChat Alternative

Elgg is an award-winning social platform, delivering the tools and resources that enable businesses, schools, universities, groups and associations to create their own fully-featured social network.

VideoWhisper plugins provide 100% web based (on website) video communications using latest technology available (P2P support, H264, acoustic echo cancellation …).


Download and Setup Details for VideoWhisper Plugins

All You Need, Step by Step

  1. A cool domain (Optional, as you can install it on a subdomain/folder if you already have a site) [±$12/year with privacy]
  2. Compatible hosting (web + rtmp). (Recommended: Wowza Hosting ) [starting from $50/month]
  3. Elgg installed on web host. [free]
  4. VideoWhisper Plugins for Elgg installed on web and rtmp host. [free / $25/professional installation]
  5. A Level 2 VideoWhisper license to remove all ads and limitations from chat plugins. [$350 or $35/month]
    (Optional, as you can use VideoWhisper software in free mode with some limitations and ads.)

Total cost to start would be under $100 0r $450 (full mode) .
Or if paid monthly that would be under $90/month including full mode license, hosting, domain.

An you should be ready.
Then it’s up to you: other customizations, like a cool custom template, monetization features like ads or paid membership to allow more quality advanced rooms.


Update: Most advanced integration plugins are available for the popular WordPress framework. That includes Video Conference, Video Presentation, Video Posts and Comments, Private Videochat, Pay Per Minute Videochat Shows.